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Product Description

ProSphere compression calf sleeves are made from comfortable fabric, so you can wear them while working out without getting slowed down. These sleeves are perfect to wear to complement the rest of your active sportswear so that you can get the most out of every training session. For gear that enhances your workout and adds attitude, a pair of compression calf sleeves will go a long way. Tired of the same boring prints, colors and patterns on your fitness gear? Make your own compression calf sleeves in the Maya design! You can customize it with your choice of colors, and the crisp triangular pattern is so versatile that it is sure to complement your personal workout style.


  • Full sublimation product with 100% dye coverage
  • Hidden rubber elastic keeps sleeve in place
  • Flatlock seams for minimized chafing
  • Stretch compression for control and comfort
  • set includes two sleeves
  • Tight
  • streamlined fit that stays in place
  • Premium Stretch-Fit Poly fabric
  • Polyester / Spandex
  • Lightweight for superior comfort
  • Ideal stretch for premium movement control
  • Brilliant colors

More about this product

In order to get the most out of your workouts, you will need the right gear. Great activewear can make the difference between an effective workout and an ineffective one. Don’t neglect vital accessories that can provide numerous benefits, and consider getting some first-class compression calf sleeves for your legs. This type of fitness clothing is excellent for increasing circulation and protecting your legs from the elements whether you are going jogging on a mountain path or in the woods. It may not always be practical to wear full-on jogging pants, so this line of ProSphere calf sleeves is a great compromise. These sleeves offer protection but also add a level of sharpness to the experience and how you approach to your training. You get a fantastic workout without feeling restricted, and the calf sleeves have just the right level of stretchiness for a nice fit. If you want to feel and look great on your runs, these superb compression calf sleeves are for you.


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