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Product Description

Create fabulous customized headbands in your choice of colors with the Maya design. You can almost feel the texture that the triangular pattern creates and the end result is a crisp and stylish accessory that will complement your look and make you look great. With the Maya design you can create a headband that is completely unique and a representation of your individual style. The various triangles in the design connect to give your custom made headband a 3D texture that you can almost touch.


  • Full sublimation product with 100% dye coverage
  • Reversible design for versatility
  • 3 inches wide for a fashionable look
  • Great accessory to complete your look
  • Soft and comfortable stretchiness
  • Snug fit stays in place without being too tight
  • Polyester 93% / Spandex 7%
  • Soft cotton-like feel


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