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Product Description

If you are looking for budget friendly workout clothes, this men’s V-neck tech tee is the perfect option. Its breathable material not only helps keeping you dry, but allows you to maintain full range of motion. You will also enjoy the comfort of this tee, making it a great option for various fitness activities. When it comes to cool t-shirt designs, we’ve got you covered. The edgy Bold design lets everyone know that your clothes are as unique and individual as you. Vibrant color combinations that you choose, in combination with personalized emblem text, will draw attention to you and your personal workout style.


  • Almost All-Over dye sublimation coverage
  • Smart Designs naturally incorporate undyed areas
  • Comfort fit without being bulky
  • Stylish and versatile V-neck style tee
  • Hits below the hip for a relaxed look
  • Dot Air Mesh fabric
  • Polyester 100% 4.2oz
  • Lightweight and ultrasoft for unparalleled comfort
  • Moisture wicking to keep you cool and performing
  • Premium color saturation
  • Machine wash in cold water

More about this product

Want to look great for all of your workouts without spending a fortune on activewear? Want a unique look but not spend a great amount of time shopping for it? Check out this incredible value line of cool Spectrum tech t-shirts that you can customize with your colors and motivational words. Regardless which style, size, and colors you choose, the Spectrum products never fade, stretch or shrink. No matter when and how often you wear your custom tshirt, this Spectrum Men’s Tech Tee is a sure attention getter. Select your design and colorize it, then spice up with some personal words of inspiration, transforming it from the ordinary to the customized extraordinary. No matter how hard you work, this performance t shirt works harder by whisking moisture away so you enjoy optimal dryness and coolness before, during and after training activities. With this performance enhanced garment, you are in control of every aspect of your workout from the moment you get dressed.


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